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Ask The Eds

EENE Discussion

Eddy: Hello everyone out there! Its me, Eddy, and we finally have a page of this website dedicated to us!

Edd: Eddy, this whole thing is dedicated to us.

Ed: And I'm Ed!

Eddy: Numbskull.

Edd: Anyway, just fill out one of those form things below and we'll see if we can answer-

Eddy: That is if Ed doesn't eat all our letters up before we can read 'em!

Ed: Ah, but Eddy, they taste just like report cards with a hint of cranberry relish.

Edd: Ok...Just fill out one of the forms and we'll see what we can do. Please only one from a person a month. And please make them no higher then PG-13. We can't be answering questions 24/7, sorry. I think Eddy would lose it.
Eddy: Without scams what's the fun in life?
Edd: Right....



Look what you did to Plank! He's got brain damage!