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EENE Discussion

EENE Discussion

Eddy: Alright everyone! We're back!
Edd: I am sorry to inform you that Ask the Eds hasn't been updated for some time as I'm sure most of you have noticed. But you know how it is. End of the year tests, a field trip coming up in a few weeks, keeping up with grades and the show - it is really hectic-
Eddy: Or crazy for you poor, depribed children out there.
Edd: Yes...*glares at Eddy*...also, there hasn't been much of any motivation with this, with the end of the year also comes summer vacation and everyone knows what that means-
Ed: Sun, sweat, and can openers *pulls a can opener and a can of some kind of food out of his jacket*
Edd: Um, can openers, Ed?
Eddy: What do can openers have to do with anything?
Ed: WAIT! *spits food on Eddy and Edd*
Eddy: Oh great, what now? *wiping chewed lima beans off his shirt and face*
Ed: I know! We could scam Kevin of all his money!
Edd: That's what we do every summer, Ed.
Ed: *ponders for a moment* Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
*Eddy and Edd hop on their chairs away from him*
Eddy: Also, for those of you who don't know, Season 1, Volume 1 is currently out on DVD and - wait, is it on video?
Edd: I don't know. You were suppose to look that up. I already did my part.
Eddy: *grumbles*
Ed: Yes, and it also includes six of our first shows, the My Best Friend Plank music video, Plank Perspective, and Rules and Restrictions to Club Ed.
Edd: Ed? What in heavens name-
Ed: Just doin' my job here, Tony. *grins cluelessly* (ahh, come on, give the big guy a hug)
Eddy: But he's not even Tony.
Ed: *talking to himself, probably reliving a comic book* Pickle *pulls out n moldy pickle with a cape tied on* in "Captain Pickle Meets Evil Zuccinni Bread, The Drama. Dum, dum, da, DUM! Da, da, dum, dum, dum, da, dum! *in a low voice* Come out, Captain Pickle, I know your in ther-
Eddy: ED!
Ed: *smiles over at Eddy*
Eddy: Would you shut up!
Edd: What is it, Eddy, don't want to lose all your hysteric fangirls that dream about you night and day?
Eddy: What are you talking about?! None of the chicks are gonna leave me for Ed! I mean get literal!
Ed: That's not what the ratings say, Eddy.
Eddy: Who cares about the ratings, so what! It ain't fair! You *points at Edd* got all the fangirls on your side and you *points at Ed,* your the most popular character on the show! What's a guy got to do to get a well known fansite to his own!?
Edd: Look, Eddy, we didn't mean it like that-
Eddy: What's wrong with? Huh! Come on, tell me!
Edd: Well...maybe if you didn't holler so muc-
Eddy: What are you talkin' about?! I don't holler!
Edd: Sooooo, how about that one time Ed got a salami stuck in his throat?
Eddy: Don't avoid the subject!
Edd: Look, everyone. Eddy's got a lot of good qualities, too. Why he's the leader of our group and usually comes up with the scams.
Ed: And he's funny and smart and cool.
Edd: Basically, Eddy is the driving wheel behind all of our endeavors. Without him, none of this would be possible.
Eddy: know I can't do it myself. I mean, yeah I do come up with most of the scams, but Sockhead here makes them a reality-
Edd: Oh boy, we're practicing for the Grammy's.
Eddy: And Ed here takes care of all the heavy lifting and is always willing to do something me and Double D-
Edd: Double D and I.
Eddy: *sighs and rolls his eyes to the ceiling* Double D and I aren't. So really, we're all one group that really relizes on each other. Now that doesn't mean we don't put each other down and stuff, but really, we all are real good friends.
Ed: Awwww, Eddy, your gonna make Captain Pickle cry.
Edd: Wow, I didn't think you had it in you to say all that *smiles* but I guess I thought wrong.
Eddy: You sure did. BLECH! If I ever have to do that again, I'm seriously gonna hurl.

Double D's legs are gone!