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2005 Questions

EENE Discussion

From: Flipper
Question: What is your grades?

Edd- And I have a question for you, too. What do you mean?
Eddy- Our grades in school or what grade we're in?
Ed- What a appalling inquisitor you are! You should be ashamed!


From: Kevin
Question: Who do you think is cuter May Kanker or Marie Kanker?

Eddy- Oh man, I think I'm gonna be sick! *mock-holds in puke*
Edd- Sick?! I'll go straight to downright nausea! *rushes for a nearby bathroom*
Ed- *laughing* You two are sooo funny!


From: Tristen
Question: If Edd doesn't like things that are contaminated then why does he get good grades in Science?

Ed and Eddy- *blank*
Eddy- Uh, Sockhead’s in the can, so...
Ed- Is Double D ok, Eddy?
Eddy- I don’t know. *raises voice* Hey Double D! Ya done yet?!
*bathroom door opens and a pale Edd emerges*
Edd- Yes, I think so… *takes his seat*
Eddy- Ugh…you really don’t look too hot.
Edd- Fine, fine…
Eddy- Whatever…
Edd- What was the...question? *Eddy hands him the letter and he reads it*
Edd- Oh, yes!
Not everything is contaminated, and I can use gloves. Besides, I'm not misophobetic.
Eddy- And that is?
Edd- *glares* Afraid of dirt, germs, and contamination.


From: Christian
Question: Why haven’t you ever made a bowling alley?

Eddy- That’s a good idea! Where were you when I couldn’t come up with anything?!
Ed- Maybe he was in the can? *laughs*
Edd- Ha, ha, very funny Ed. *rolls eyes*
Ed- I thunk so too.


From: howard
Question: How did you get tied to that fence in the episode If it smells like an ed?

Edd: Apart from your deplorible capitalization skills, a very good question.
Ed: Weren't we just watching that episode an hour ago?
Eddy: Funny how geniuses think the same way and I don't mean you!
Edd: *rolls eyes* Hardly. Boy, does that unearth some not very fond memories.
Eddy: We decided to leave the shed-
Edd: We didn't fight them back too much, I suppose we wanted to get away from the Kankers as quickly as possible-
Ed: They tied us together with ropes and dragged us back to the lane. Funny conversation we had on the way, too!
Eddy: Jonny ran ahead to grab some of his fruit collection while Kevin and Rolf tied us up. *shakes his head*
Ed: OH! And then they threw fruit at us! That was so much fun! Can we do it again?!? *Edd and Eddy stare at him open mouthed*

Hey Plank! Your mom's calling!