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2004 Questions

EENE Discussion

From: Brandy
Question: What is today's date?

Eddy- Come on, anyone else wanna give us a cruddy first question?! Great way to start this off!
Edd- Today's October 31, 2004. Next question.


From: Chloe
Question: Why is Double D so smart?

Edd- Um... I, uh...
Eddy- Didn't we all ready explain that to you people?
Ed- Oh, oh, pick me, pick me! *hopping up and down in his chair*
Eddy- Ed.
Ed- Ok, Double D is a cybornetic robot from outer space *takes a big breath* bent on destructing Earth and making us all his slaves. *Edd and Eddy stare at him oddly*
Edd- Ok... next.


From: Kyle
Question: Why does Ed like chickens?

Eddy- Why is Ed dumb? He just does!
Edd- Eddy, that has to be one of the nicest things I've ever heard you say about Ed. *sarcastically*
Eddy- Double D, I know he's dumb, you know he's dumb. What else is new?
Edd- Well you needn't say it around him, it might discourage him.
Ed- Let a fool hold his tongue and he will pass for a sage.
Eddy- Then why don't you do it, Ed? *Ed grabs onto his tongue*
Ed- An I snart wow? *still holding tongue, Eddy rolls his eyes*
Eddy- *rolls eyes* Next.


From: Charlie
Question: What are the Eds' parents like?

Ed- We're the Eds!
Eddy- Shut up, Ed.
Edd- So how shall we explain this?
Eddy- I'll go first. Mom's a neat-freak-
Edd- Eddy, I've met your mother and she is not a neat-freak.
Eddy- Whatever. Anyway, before I was so RUDELY INTERRUPTED, Mom's a neat-freak and Dad owns a car shop. Ed?
Ed- Um, Mom, uh...
Eddy- Ed's mom stays at home all day and his dad... I don't know *shrugs* beats me. Then Sockhead's parents are gone all day and leave him chores to do on those post it notes.
Ed- And his dad wears a monkey suit. *laughing*
Edd- He does not, it is a regular suit!


From: Elizabeth
Question: Why des Eddy love money?

Eddy- Well it all started with my brother-
Edd- And where did your brother get it?
Eddy- Well then, my dad-
Ed- What about your dad?
Eddy- *getting annoyed* My grandpa-
Edd- *smirking* And your-
Eddy- What's with the third degree?! Is this a history class or an interveiw?!
Ed- BOTH! I'm smart now! Do I get an A?
Edd- Let's not pray for miracles, Ed.


From: Timothy
Question: Why is Eddy so short?

Ed- Because Eddy was a bad little boy and didn't eat his broccoli. *Eddy tries to speak, but Edd cuts in*
Edd- No, I don't think that's probable, Ed. I mean you never eat your broccoli, but you're still one of the tallest kids residing in the cul-de-sac. No, I really think it has to do with his genes. I mean I've seen photographs of your brother and he's not exactly the tallest tree in the orchard eith.
Eddy- What's it to ya?! Let's go on to the next question all ready!
Edd- Hold on, Eddy. I would like to address a few more words. *sighs* For future question asking, you shoukd probably know that we each have our 'sensitive subjects,' so to speak. What I'm saying is, well, Eddy isn't exactly the fondest on talking about his height as I am with my hat. They're really just subjects we don't like to converse about too much and if you could try to restrain yourselves from those unpleasant topics it would be much appreciated. Thank you.


From: Christian
Question: What was your most profitable scam?

Edd- Well we did get quite a lot of money off of our Canadian Squirt Guns.
Eddy- Yeah, until the Kankers stole it. *mumbles*
Edd- Oh yeah, that....
Ed- Ooh! When you made me cool!
Edd- The Kankers took our earnings for that fiasco as well.
Eddy- Weren't there any they didn't wreck?!
Edd- Um... Oh, well there was the one where we gave everyone future careers. The Kankers didn't ruin that one.
Eddy- Nah, Nazz did.
Edd- Gee, ha, what a quandry.... *giggles*
Ed- Oh please Eddy! I know now! Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh-
Eddy- All right! But this is it!
Ed- Ok, remember when somebody was touching our stuff? *Edd and Eddy grin*
Eddy- Oh yeah, I remember now! That was one of the only times we had jawbreakers this summer!
Edd- Even if it was an imposition! We had actually just misplaced our possessions for those of you who don't remember that one!


From: Jake
Question: How many scams have you guys done?

Edd- Well, if you include that one day that Eddy had all of those *coughs* wonderful ideas.
Eddy- Come on, you gotta admit it was fun. Besides, it wwas only like five scams. *Edd raises an eyebrow and begins counting off on his fingers*
Edd- One, Raccoon World, two Mutant Land, three Meat Mania, four Cockroach Country, five Jugging Pants World, six Fridge Land, and finally seven Bathroom World. *looks up from counting*
Eddy- Well when you say it like that....
Ed- A scam a day keeps the Kankers away.
Edd- Translation, Eddy?
Eddy- Basically what Ed said is that we done at least one scam everyday this summer.
Edd- So it would probably be about fifty this summer. I don't know how many overall... *sweatdrop*
Ed- A lot! 

From: Eric
Question: What are your favorite colors?

Ed- Oh me first Eddy! Pleeeeeease! *clings onto Eddy's shirt*
Eddy- All right, all fight! Just geroff!
Ed- My favorite color is... *thinks hardly*...uh, pink!
Eddy- Pink?! What idiot would like-
Edd- Colors can reflect a lot about a person's personality, Eddy.
Ed- Ok, so what's it mean?
Edd- Um... people who like pink are bound to be peace-seeking and have an ecstatic attitude.
Ed – Ecstatic?
Eddy – It means they have gas.
Edd – *stare*
Eddy- What's your favorite color?
Edd- Me? Oh, green.
Eddy- *nods* Yellow.


It was my stomach's fault, Eddy!